Double Layered (two layer) water repellent type body coating, achieving the deep finish with film thickness while containing the highest glass density.

A water repellent type body glass coating which has achieved the performance improvement by firmly binging two layers of films with different effects: A base layer which is a coating later with superb durability and the top layer with excellent gloss and water repellent performance.

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Base Layer

  • High “Anti-Crack Performance”, highly pursuing the balance between flexibility and hardness.
  • Life style is sustained over long periods as small size molecule helps stiffens the binding with paint surface.
  • As it is hard to bind with organic substances, greasy stuff such as pitch or tar, bugs, birds droppings, well-thumb, dust, dirt are hard to adhere.
  • Due to inorganic glass film and organic functional group side chain structure, it would be difficult for oxidation corrosion, water spots, ion deposit to bond.

Top Layer

  • Three dimensional molecule glass framework and methyl molecule oriented water repellent.
  • “Inorganic glass structure sustains the high grade shininess for a olong period of time
  • Very low in ultraviolet bean/heat deterioration, oxidation, and alteration.
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