A hydrophobic type body coating which reduces water spots bonding with a superb hydrophobic character, and realizing the wet and moisture glossiness.

The hydrophobic group orients on the film surface after hardening, realizing the hydrophobic character by making the surface free energy (surface tension) small.

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Base Layer

  • “Realizing the hydrophobic character” by hydrophobic group orientation.
  • Long sustaining hydrophobic character by high miscibility of glass element and hydrophilic oligomer.
  • Restricting the condensation of dirty elements which is one of the causes of water deposits (ion deposits) can be expected as the aggregation of water on the coated surface by the hydrophobic performance.
  • A moist gloss can be obtained by preventing the diffuse reflection of light as it excels in smoothing the coated film.

Top Layer

  • Three dimensional glass framework structure resin is combined at high density.
  • Hydrophilic antifouling and highly durable performance
  • Very low in ultraviolet bean/heat deterioration, oxidation, and alteration.
  • The dust and dirt are hard to adhere and easy to wipe off, sustaining a beautiful shine and hydrophilic nature.
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