"ULGO CarDetailing" is a brand of cardi-tailing which we have newly launched with the eye of the position to practice thoroughly the carditailing which existed so far and also to do it practically. Its outstanding products are getting hot attention not only from Japan, but also from the cardiotherapy meister in the world, and it is developing to the world beyond the borders.


Named after the world creator Demiurge or Demiurgo who appears in an ancient philosopher Plato’s book of ‘Timaeus’, determined to shape the times and to lead the market.

Carlife Innovation

nnovating customer’s car life. Providing a wonderful experiences through providing a new form of perception and a car life filled with surprise and thrills.


Campany Name
Carmake Artpro Co., LTD
76-4 Kuroyama Mihara-Ku Sakai-Shi OSAKA JAPAN 587-00